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These testimonials are actual comments and portions of letters sent to our office by our patients. Sit back and enjoy!

I am extremely happy with my results after having my braces for less than one year. I love how my teeth look now and could not ask for more. Thank you for my straight teeth"

Jazmin B.

Dr. Noor and all her staff are excellent professionals. I live 300 miles away and the great care I get is well worth the trip"

Brenda S.

I am so happy my smile looks great... I never thought it could happen ... but Dr. Noor made it happen. I can't help, but SMILE... Thanks Dr. Noor"

Sarah S.

My teeth were so bad before I started my treatment with Dr. Noor. She started treatment and within 5 months my teeth are straight... It really is unbelievable. She is really a great ortho doctor"

Amerez H.

Thank you so much for the great job you did on my new porcelain crowns on all of my upper teeth. It is so great to eat again. A side bonus is that I now have a BEAUTIFUL SMILE!!!"

Joandale R.

My teeth have been crooked for many years. In particular I had one tooth that was at a 45 degree angle. When I decided to get braces I hoped for the best, but was surprised at how fast my teeth changed... MY TEETH ARE NOW STRAIGHT"

Kade K.

My son has had his braces for only 1 month and I can't believe the difference already. I can not wait to see the end results. Well worth it to see a happy smile rather than a hidden one!"

Jenna D.

Thank you for all you have done... you and your staff is GREAT! I have been coming here for years and look forward to many more years. Thank You"

Cindy F.

I was very pleased about the treatment I received and I did not feel any pain at all. Dr. Noor and her staff are all very caring for their patients and you always feel right at home. Thank you!"

Denise L.

When I came to Doctor Noor, I was a mess. My teeth were so bad I never smiled. It took a few years of treatment and now I can say my teeth are PERFECT! Thanks so very much"