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Dental Braces Lakewood CA

Dental Braces Lakewood CA

Our jawbone is designed to hold teeth straightly and in proper alignment. But in many cases, this may not be the reality. In most of us, teeth may erupt crookedly because of various factors. Orthodontics is that branch of dental medicine which is dedicated to the study of causes for malocclusion and find ways to treat and prevent the same. Dentists complete a specialization course in the field of orthodontics after completion of their dental degree. During the course, dentists are specially trained to treat complex orthodontic cases. Dr. Noor is one of the experienced orthodontists who treat malocclusion in Lakewood California locality. Her knowledge and the willingness to treat patients in a gentle way has helped us successfully create wonderful smiles in people of Lakewood and surrounding communities.

Orthodontics and dental braces in Lakewood CA

Orthodontics is derived from Greek words ‘ortho’ meaning straight and ‘dont’ meaning tooth. The field is dedicated to the study of the position of teeth, their alignment in jaws and the way they come together in a bite. The manner in which the upper teeth and lower teeth come together in a bite is called occlusion. When the teeth are improperly positioned or when there is no proper alignment, the condition is called malocclusion. Orthodontists aim to treat this condition and improve the bite. Various procedures can be followed to the same.

Dental braces are one of the appliances which have been effectively used to treat bad bite since several years. These appliances have brackets and wires which are designed to move teeth in planned direction. Dental braces are very effective in improving the bite. A wide number of occlusal problems can be treated with them.

Problems caused by bad bite

For efficient functionality of oral cavity, the teeth should be straight and well-aligned. When the teeth are crooked there can be several oral health problems depending on the complexity of the case. Following are some of them.

  • It may be difficult to clean all corners of teeth which may increase the risk of dental infection
  • Malocclusion can affect speech
  • It can reduce chewing efficiency
  • It can increase the chances of teeth wear

Dental braces – When is it recommended?

The first visit involves thorough oral checkup. We may take X-rays, impressions and make a note of the medical history of the patient. Our orthodontist examines the reports and recommends suitable treatment. Some complex cases may require tooth extraction before orthodontic treatment. the treatment process explained to patients.

Dental braces can be used to treat malocclusion in both teenagers and adults. Firstly teeth may have to be cleaned in order to prevent dental infection. The teeth are dried and conditioner may be applied so that the brackets bond properly to the teeth. Positions of brackets are marked and adhesives are applied carefully. The brackets are cemented in planned positions of teeth surface. A special light is used to dry the dental cement. Metal wires are fixed through the brackets in tension mode. The wires pull the teeth in planned direction. Patients are advised to visit the dental office in Lakewood California periodically to tighten the wire. The treatment may take about 18 to 36 months. On completion of treatment, patients may have to use retainers during the following months to ensure that the teeth do not come back to previous positions.

Most frequently asked questions on dental braces

The time required to undergo orthodontic treatment may vary person to person and also depend on the position of teeth that needs to be moved to the desired position. Meanwhile, it is recommended to follow all the tips and suggestions (do's and don'ts) so as to make the treatment go swiftly.

Appointments are scheduled in accordance to each patient's need. Many a times patients with dental braces are seen every six to eight weeks. If there are definite situations that need regular monitoring, then you don't have to worry as our dentist will let you know when to schedule an appointment.

Patients undergoing dental braces may experience some level of discomfort at the initial stage of treatment (usually the first week). Once the braces are adjusted you should be able to feel some amount of easiness.

Yes, there are certain foods which need to be avoided while you are with dental braces. Once the treatment commences, we will suggest you what to eat and what not to eat. Some of those foods include popcorn, hard candy, ice cream, sticky foods and much more. With our instructions, you can stay away from most emergency appointments to repair damaged or broken braces.