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Dr. Noor and all her staff are
excellent professionals. I live 300
miles away and the great care I
get is well worth the trip.

Brenda S.

I am so happy my smile looks great...
I never thought it could happen ...
but Dr. Noor made it happen.
I can't help, but SMILE... Thanks Dr. Noor

Sarah S.

Thank you for all you have done...
you and your staff is GREAT!
I have been coming here for years and
look forward to many more years. Thank You

Cindy F.

A Dental Office in Lakewood CA for All Your Dental Needs

A healthy and good-looking smile can be the most expensive ornament you wear. Teeth free from dental infection provides you the freedom to eat your favorite food and boost your self-confidence, giving you more reasons to smile. Routine oral hygiene practices and periodic dental visits are absolutely necessary for a person who wants to stay protected from dental problems and diseases. Ace Dental Centre, a dental office in Lakewood CA was started with an aim to deliver the highest quality dental care to the people of Lakewood, CA and surrounding communities. Dr. Asmath Noor who has been treating patients for over two decades now is supported by a highly motivated team in her mission to perform dental treatment in the most comfortable environment. Come visit our office to experience our unparalleled quality care.

What differentiates us from other dental offices in Lakewood CA?

Dr. Asmath Noor started practicing dentistry in 1986. She has been trained in various fields of dentistry including Orthodontics, Implant Dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and oral sedation. her experience and her knowledge in different areas of dentistry can be sensed by the patient during treatment. our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals. the motto of the team is to keep the patients comfortable during treatment. from the time of making an appointment to the time the patient leaves our office, our friendly staff supports him/her in every step.

Comprehensive dental care at our dental office

Our dental office in Lakewood CA takes complete care of all patient needs. We offer a range of dental treatments. Tooth restorations, smile makeover procedures, periodontal care and orthodontic care are all offered under a single roof. For those patients who are scared of dental treatment, Dr. Noor can help by offering sedatives which allow them to relax during treatment. Dental emergencies are treated on priority at our Lakewood California dental office. we ensure that patients are quickly relieved from pain and discomfort and steps are taken to cure the problem and make sure that it does not reoccur in future. we believe that educating patients about oral hygiene and oral care can prevent most of the dental problems. we aim to create healthier communities where people rarely face dental problems.

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